RECacril 60” fabric collection

Recasens USA Announces New Colors for the RECacril® 60” Collection

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Recasens USA is pleased to introduce our expanded selection of colors for our RECacril 60” fabric collection. Favored in the marine industry for its exceptional color resistance to high salinity conditions, our RECacril 60” collection is made from the same solution-dyed acrylic fibers as our traditional 47” width and is used extensively for both marine and awning applications.

We’ve added eleven new colors to our collection, including many in-demand hues of rich blues, vibrant greens and ever popular neutrals for the 2022 season.

“I’m proud to offer this expanded line of colors and textures to the US market,” states Recaens USA Sales Manager, Doug Dubay. “Recasens has always been at the forefront of both performance and fashion in the awning and marine fabric industry and I’m pleased to see us continue to lead the pack in this tradition.”

Contact your Recasens sales representative today for your new RECacril 60” Collection sample cards.


Come Visit Us at IFAI Expo November 2-4

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Live events are back and we’re looking forward to connecting with our customers and colleagues at the upcoming IFAI Expo, November 2-4 in Nashville, TN. Please visit us at Booth 2041 to see our new collections and discuss the latest trends in industrial fabric. 

Recasens customers can enjoy FREE access to the show floor or 10% off the All Access or Expo Plus admission. Contact your Recasens sales representative for details and your exclusive access code. 

WEBINAR: Awning & Marine Professional Speaker Series — Textile Visual Properties

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Learn how solar radiation and light interact with different fabrics to affect their visual appearance and performance in this informative webinar from Recasens USA National Sales Manager, Doug Dubay. Doug discusses how fabric construction and composition, color, and other visual properties affect how your fabric conducts and controls light and heat and how to choose the right fabric for your project needs.  


Infrastructure Reinvestment To Better Serve Your Needs

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Our priority has always been to work in partnership with our Distributor, OEM and fabricator clients, facing the challenges of each season together. And while this is proving to be a challenge for all of us given the constraints of the markets, we continue to strive to maintain our usual high level of service and product quality.

During the last year, the industry as a whole has experienced an unprecedented demand for fabric as consumers invest more in their homes and outdoor spaces which have become increasingly valued in the context of the pandemic. At the same time, there has been unprecedented disruption in the global supply chain felt both here and abroad. This situation has caused unusual delays in service for many in our industry.

Despite the challenges faced, Recasens USA has, and will continue to, strive to deliver the world class level of service and product quality that our customers expect. We want to share with you how we are facing the situation: investing more in resources to offer the best possible quality and service.

The Recasens Corporate 2020-2022 Strategic Business Plan is aimed at strengthening the production plants and logistics warehouse in Spain, and the first phases have already been carried out. Thanks to this, we hope to be able to continue to meet the increase in demand here in North America, despite the challenges faced by our industry at large. Some of these investments include:

Increasing production capacity of yarn by over 20,000 square meters.

New spinning plant and spinning production line in Berguedá, Barcelona, incorporated in November 2020. Improvements made to this new facility further increased its production capacity by 50%.

Expansion of the weaving plant.

The addition of a new, 15,000 square meter, global logistics warehouse.

These improvements have allowed our company to consolidate production capacity and increase autonomy throughout the fabric production phases (spinning, weaving and finishing). With these changes, we will be able to respond most effectively to the high demand that our industry is experiencing, prioritizing, as always, customers who have trusted our brand and fabrics for years.

We want to take this opportunity to thank our longstanding clients for their loyalty and trust, as we reiterate our commitment to you and your business. Our goal is to offer you the best possible quality and service at a competitive price, even in a context as complex as the current one. 

For more information on our improvements, or to place an order, please contact your local Recasens USA Distributor or Sales Representative.

Awning & Marine Professional Speaker Series – What Makes a Great Vendor?

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Finding great vendors for your business takes work, and keeping those relationships strong and rewarding takes even more, but those efforts are well worth it in the long run. Hear from Recasens partner and fabricator, Marc Kaufer of Frankford Umbrellas, as he talks about why his company’s relationship with Recasens is the model of partnership that he’d love to see for all vendor relations.



RECacril Decorline Now Available in 55” Width

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Beautifully fade-resistant and made from solution-dyed acrylic fiber, RECacril® Decorline is the perfect choice for furnishings and decor both indoor and out. Available in 20 solid colors, Decorline has previously been woven at a European standard of 60” width, but beginning in 2021 will be available in the 55” standard American width. The new width will be available this Spring in the full line of colors. 

Not only will this new width reduce waste and bring down costs, but we are offering all Decorline inventory, both 55”and 60”, at the new, reduced pricing. Contact your Recasens or distributor sales representative for more information or to place your order today.

Spinning Plant

Recasens Group Increases Production Capacity with New Spinning Plant

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New Facility Ensures Continued Excellent Service, More Fabric for the 2021 Season

Recasens Group is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of another spinning plant in Northern Spain, further adding to its already substantial production capabilities and ensuring a consistent supply of inventory for the 2021 season.

“We’ve been pleased to see continued growth in sales over the past several years in both Europe and North America,” says Doug Dubay, National Sales Manager for Recasens USA. “The addition of this new plant will allow us to meet the increased demand for our product while maintaining our high quality standards.”

The newly acquired facility will produce a broader range of solution-dyed acrylic yarns, the main component of Recasens fabrics, and will ensure that the company maintains quality throughout the production chain.

Marine Fabric Selector

Sales Tool Alert: Interactive Fabric Selector Sites for Your Awning and Marine Customers

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At Recasens, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to make the sales process easier for our partners. With this in mind, we are pleased to launch two interactive fabric selector sites for the Recacril 47” solid and stripe collection and the Recacril 60” solids fabric line.

These sites, one for each specialized use, are a great addition to your current website and allow your customers to quickly and easily search the latest selection of Recasens performance fabrics from what appears to be part of your web site. Contact Doug Dubay or your Sales Manager today for more information about how to add these highly effective sales tools to your website.