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Does RECASENS manufacture awnings?

NO. We only manufacture a wide variety of canvases, which are used as components for various applications: awnings, parasols, cushions, curtains, curtain-side truck, etc. But we do NOT manufacture any of these finished products or components other than canvases.

How can I remove stains from RECASENS canvases?

Most stains can be easily removed with a mild soap dissolved in warm water (no more than 40ºC), fill a sponge or a soft brush and apply it to the stain without straining. Then rinse thoroughly and allow air to dry the canvas.

Stubborn stains on acrylic canvases, can be removed with a mixture of 10% household bleach, 20% neutral detergent solvent and 70% water. Apply the solution onto the fabric leaving it act between 15 and 20 minutes maximum and rinse to remove all traces of bleach and let it dry completely.

For detailed cleaning instructions, go to Maintenance section.

What is solution-dyed acrylic fiber?

It is a fiber to which very special UV dyes are added. The addition is made straight to the dissolved polymer prior to fiber formation, thereby achieving that the dye is homogeneously distributed throughout the fiber, both the outer layers and the core.

Why RECASENS uses solution-dyed acrylic fibers?

Acrylic fiber is a fiber with improved resistance to UV rays. When this fiber is dyed with pigments of high fastness to sunlight, a product with exceptional weatherability, both in terms of color, and mechanical properties is obtained. Also acrylic fiber is rot resistant to mold and fungus.

Why RECASENS use polyester yarns?

The polyester yarn is more flexible than fiberglass yarn. The polyester yarns has a higher resistance to bending and torsion than the fiberglass yarns. polyester screen fabric never broke by fatigue, unlike screen fabric made from fiberglass yarns.

Moreover, PVC adheres perfectly to high tenacity polyester yarns. Both materials have similar behavior versus temperature. Then, a temperature change does not cause the appearance of fringes in the cut of the yarn core.

Do canvases protect against UV rays?

YES. All fabrics reflect and absorb a percentage of the UV radiation from the sun, of course, the effectiveness of the protection depends on the thickness of the canvas, its weight, and the opening factor of color. A Dark RECacril® canvas, will block a higher percentage of UV RECacril® than a white canvas, then it will give more protection than a white RECscreen.

Are acrylic canvases from RECASENS printable?

YES, they are printable. Acrylic canvases are ideal for thermal transfer printing or screen printing for its quality and sharpness.

Does RECASENS' canvases are self-cleaning?

All RECASENS‘ canvases are finished to prevent dirt from being adhered to the fabric, making cleaning easier, however, depositions of animals and dirt encrusted by lack of proper maintenance, requires a more intensive cleaning as described in maintenance section.

For detailed cleaning instructions, go to Maintenance section.

What is the water column?

The water column is the water pressure that the material can withstand before starting to leak, is the method used to measure the fabric resistance to water penetration. The higher the value of the water column, the more resistant is the fabric to water permeability.

What is the water and oil repellency?

Acrylic finishes canvases are formulated to provide improved resistance to water and oil absorption of the fabric. The greater the repellency, greater resistance to stain fabric.

Do RECacril® canvases protect from the rain?

The RECacril® canvases are designed primarily for sun protection, but if also a proper maintenance is performed and the awning is installed with a minimum slope of 14°, the RECacril® canvases also offer a good protection against light and short rains.

I want an awning that besides the sun, protect me from the rain. What kind of canvas should I use?

If you need a canvas that in addition to sunscreen offers good protection against rain, you need to use more impermeable canvases such as RECsystem and RECwater range.

What is the warranty from RECASENS' canvases?

For 5 years RECASENS warranty covers only the rot-proof properties and colour fastness of the fabrics regularly maintained, under normal use and environment.

What does RECASENS warrants?

RECASENS should either replace free of charge or, at its convenience, reimburse the invoice value of the section of fabric recognized as faulty, excluding any costs or any other compensation for any reason whatsoever.

What is excluded from the warranty?

The warranty may not protect against any damage due to abuse, neglect, vandalism, burns of any kind, fires and natural disasters.

There is no cover for:

  • Faulty maintenance or the use of unsuitable products or instruments: no detergent, chemical product or solvent can be used, nor any scraper or other instrument that may damage the surface.
  • Defects due to the aging and normal wear of the fabric.
  • Atmospheric or phytosanitary pollution.
  • Soiling caused by animals.
  • The repair of damage or defects in the fabric resulting from accidents or negligence not attributable to RECASENS or resulting from force majeure.
  • Faulty assembly or handling by the user, the projection of various products, hanging objects on the fabric, falling objects, bumps, road accidents, vandalism, burns from cigarettes or other sources, fire.
  • Lightning or unusual climatic or environmental conditions.

What RECASENS' Warranty does not cover?

The warranty excludes the cost of any mechanical device (hardware, mechanisms, structures, etc.) as well as any cost of manufacturing, assembly and installation.

When does force the RECASENS' Warranty?

The warranty takes effect from the date of installation of awnings, curtains or any other product made with RECASENS canvases.

What features are not considered defects on canvases?

Imperfections such as mottling, waffling, folds, etc. due to handling during preparation of the awning or its installation can appear. These imperfections are very soft, and a proper characteristic of the acrylic fiber, not harming the properties of the canvas.

What steps should I follow to have the right of RECASENS' Warranty?

The RECASENS’ canvases are a component of the final product. If you detect any defective fabric, please contact your installer or distributor from whom you purchased the product.

Does RECASENS export its products?

YES, RECASENS is a company that exports more than two thirds of its production and is present in over 70 countries.

How can I extend the life of a RECASENS' canvas?

The RECASENS’ canvases, whether acrylic, technical or screen have a high durability, however, the dust particles, air pollution, strange organic materials and dirt in general, can damage the canvas and cause premature aging.

Therefore, to fully enjoy the protection offered by RECASENS’ canvases is essential to carry out a periodic maintenance as indicated in the relevant section of each product line.

How can I know who sells RECASENS' products in my country?

For information about distributors in your country, please contact our export department. –