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Product Features

sun-iconEasy maintenance
High stain resistance

Wide Variety of Colors

Mold and Mildew Resistant 

Fabrics made from solution-dyed acrylic yarns designed for use in the manufacture of awnings and sun protection products.

Fabrics made from solution-dyed acrylic yarns coated on the back with resins for use in outdoor products requiring maximum waterproofing and sun protection.

The ultimate fire-retardant fabric for awnings and shade. It is woven with inherently fire-retardant modified acrylic yarn and has a back coating that makes Recsystem FR virtually waterproof when properly installed.

Solution-dyed acrylic fiber fabric with a PVC coated side. Its waterproof design makes it ideal for wetter climates.

Herringbone braid ribbon made from solution-dyed acrylic fibers gives a coordinated appearance and finish to your awnings.