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RECASENS, a family business founded in 1886 in Barcelona, is recognized as a leader for the innovation, process, manufacture and sales of its high performance technical fabrics for sun protection, textile architecture, and the transportation and marine industries.

RECASENS offers a wide range of premium quality solutions for different applications and for different markets where it operates, separated into three main categories:

Solution-dyed acrylic fabrics for Awnings, Marine Use and Decoration.

PVC-coated, high-tenacity polyester fabrics for Textile Architecture, Transportation and Industrial Applications.

Screen fabric, made from PVC-coated high-tenacity polyester yarn for interior and exterior use, including Awnings, Curtains and Other Decorative Elements.

Yarn and Fabric Factories

RECASENS owns two factories, one dedicated to the manufacture of acrylic yarn and the other to the production of polyester yarn screens. Both fully-dedicated facilities are equipped with the most modern machinery.

The complete line of yarns produced for all of our acrylic awnings, technical fabrics and screen fabrics is fully maintained by RECASENS throughout manufacturing, inspection, storage and merchandising, ensuring process integration and quality assurance throughout the production chain.

With its own spinning mill and its fabrics and finishes factory, RECASENS is one of the few Spanish companies that completely manufactures and produces its full range of products.

From Tradition to Innovation

Market trends, driven by architects and designers, encourage RECASENS to constantly develop ideas adapted to the most demanding needs. Our production team, together with Research & Development, constantly works to obtain the best quality and performance for all our products with our personal guarantee and the certifications that always accompany them.

International Presence

With over 100 years in business, RECASENS is present in the key international markets, a clear indicator of our export-oriented vision. Over 70% of our products are sold worldwide.

To RECASENS, being close to our customers means being able to anticipate their needs. The combination of our long-standing tradition, industry know-how, and outstanding technological innovation and sophistication is part of our identity and warranty, strengthening the pillars of future growth and leadership.